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Pamela Mortimer is an award winning author of five
books including fiction, non-fiction, YA, and poetry. Ms.
Mortimer has also taught creative writing and poetry
workshops as well as acting as the editor-in-chief of a
national magazine and editor/publisher of two literary

In recent years, her focus has been on the fiction market
as both a writer, editor, and consultant while still keeping
her hand in the graphics industry.

Stay tuned for a blog on latest releases, the writing biz
and advice for new writers
I have worked with Pam since 1991 on a number of projects, from writing and editing, to my most recent experience
with her as a writing/marketing instructor for the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center. Her workshops
are thoughtful, detailed, and informative to students working on all levels. The students who attended gave her
classes rave reviews as both an instructor and an editor.

An author herself, Pamela Mortimer is very talented and succeeds in the areas in which she chooses to work. I’ve
personally read her poetry, non-fiction articles, and several works of fiction. As a fellow writer and editor, I find her
work to be well constructed and noteworthy. Her poetry is often subtle enough to be universal but clear in its
intensity and pulls no punches. Pam’s other works are defined by her commitment to her subject and the ability to
weave words in such a way as to pull the reader inside…whether it’s a short story or one of her many articles
covering the graphic design field.

I look forward to the new novel!

                                                        Judy Ann Davis
                                                       Author of
Red Fox Woman, Key to Love
                                                      Former Program Director, Clearfield County Career and Technology Center