One of the “Emma” Book Reviews:

This is a charming story that would appeal to adolescents and adults alike because it charmingly and delicately
addresses the problems of passing from childhood to young adulthood that most of us experienced in the sixth grade.

Ms. Mortimer as an author gives a strong and credible voice to her protagonist and tells a charming, if not
unforgettable story. Anyone strongly interested in quality juvenile fiction should strongly consider purchasing this

                                                                                      D. Beecher Smith, II, USA
                                                                                      Book Reviewer

Several of my editors have read your manuscript, “Emma”, and recommended it for publication. It has been felt by my
staff that this book would be an interesting seller. I’ve taken it one step further and read the said manuscript myself.

You are a very talented person and I would encourage you to continue in your endeavours of such writings.

May God’s blessing be upon you as you continue to reach for the unreachable quest… I would appreciate a personal,
signed copy of “Emma” for my library!

                                                                                             Tony Scavetta
                                                                                              Publisher, The Plowman Press