Delicate child, a pretty face

A fractured shell but full of grace

Each day her mask applied just so

All dressed up, nowhere to go

So tell me why you are crying...


Life is hard, the rules aren't fair

shield against reality's glare

one girl's plan is another's death

Your heart and home no longer mesh

your dreams are multiplying...


Broke the lock on the garden gate

Just sweet sixteen but couldn't wait

For dad to give away her hand

she shed her skin and made a stand

And now she feels like flying...


Choices made with no doubt in mind

Mother fate is no longer kind

Days and nights go quickly past

a fragile youth is fading fast

are you sure of what you're buying?


When babies come, their fathers go

the screams resound "I told you so!"

Regret pours down like heavy rain

one child's loss is wisdom's gain

in the night time deeply sighing...


Baby sister wants to follow

Leave her mother pale and hollow

don't venture down the well worn path

she never sees the aftermath

I see a dream slowly dying...


When did the answers fade away

life's decisions go astray

shiny future becomes the past

who is that in the looking glass

Are you aware of what you're trying?