The Last Surrender

There you were
dressed in black
just as you should be
wearing the shirt I bought for you
our last exchange
years ago.

There you were
smiling cold
as I knew you would be
only this time
the picture
is different.

When I had this dream . . .
you were peaceful
And now I see panic
in those glassine eyes
Once dancing with life
now pale and hollow.

When did you know?
At what moment did you give in
to your demons?
When did they take you
and twist you into
this formless mass?
You said you were
too smart
much too clever
to be devoured
by the needle
from your arm.

When I had this dream . . .
you were sorry
for who you became
and for killing the person I loved
But now,
there's no remorse.
Only chaos and want.