Solitary is Just Another Word for Freedom


Look at you

half of two

a part of one

better than none

you've had your fun


What makes you think

I'm on the brink

of seeking to

become like you

the missing link


If wedded not

does that mean I've got

some weird brain rot

an indelible dot

that marks the spot?


You run, you hide

when first I'm spied

then I'm judged and tried

like Bonnie & Clyde

all bail denied


I can't figure it out

you have no doubt

what I'm all about

if no rings tout

we're on the same route


Face it mate

I won't validate

your need to berate

my choice not to celebrate

with one to whom I'm dedicated


So next time  you see

the single, the free

try not to be

a bane to society

Get over it!