Weirdness wafting wantonly
not sure where it's heading
I dreamt I saw Roy Acuff
sing at a Hindu wedding

Fill me with juxtaposition
and things that don't make sense
like some pointless definitions
or a see-through picket fence

You carry my dictionary
in the back seat of your car
under a tattered green umbrella
and a copy of Cinderella
won't you please come on home
and build for me a palindrome?

You can use your broken leggos
and a piece of plastic slinky
toss in a Barbie head or two
held together with Elmer's Glue
but won't you please, pretty please
build for me a palindrome?

I will give you a white racecar
that belongs to my friend Bob
I will even bathe your housecat
or crochet poodles with your mom

I will promise to cook a dinner
and not tie up the phone
if only you will come over
and build a palindrome.

Palindromes are uniquely perfect
a symmetrical oddity
combining balance and precision
with classic geometry

Without them we would stumble
whatever would we do?
In their absence we would muddle
soon calling Dad, you-know-who

How would we save the baby
from stains without a bib?
How could we tell another
who we are, what we did?

If you refuse to build one
we'd have to find new words
for bob and bub and mum
and your local flying nun

So help me with this project
we'll work like little drones
hand me some construction paper
let's build a palindrome!

*A palindrome is a word that is spelled the same way both forward and backward.