Once in a Lifetime

For Scot

May 28, 1960 - April 22, 1999

Sometimes there lies a heart deep
in the core of one's soul
that appears in a gesture of trust
you embrace, moments passing
till your fondest desire
takes a turn from diamonds to rust

When the fate of another
is beyond your control
you feel the pain relentlessly shift
Is there a place in heaven
for disjointed lovers
or are their spirits destined to drift?

Or do we move on ahead
that piece of heart hidden
inscribed with a name or a touch
do we love only once
in fathomless motion
love again, not the same, not as much?

I will wait for the answers
you'll send to my dreaming
until then keep you near to my heart
feeling joy from hereafter
songs, kisses, and laughter
in my soul we will not be apart.