Nothing At All

When I ask you how you are
where you've been
what you saw
you simply say nothing
nothing at all.

Did you lose a button
or see a spider on your wall?
Did you catch your hair on fire
or receive some annoying call?
How can there be nothing
nothing at all?

You ask me to regale you
with tales of near and far
of how I fared in prison
or caught a shooting star
I don't understand this nothing thing
or nothing at all...

Every day's a triumph
even when you're stalled
you say that life is boring
when your back's against a wall
but I still don't get this nothing
nothing at all.

So give me a lint trap story
or a dinner recipe
a complete allegory
of your pooch's bout with fleas
just don't give me nothing
nothing at all.

Forgive me for my rudeness
or if you're left appalled
but I don't understand your silence
just give me something
something at all!