In This Silence


In this wintery silence

I fear your absence

I fear the silence of my heart

hoping each shadow that passes by

is only you

returning to my darkness

In the silence

I strain to hear the echoes

of your laughter,

the sound of your footsteps

outside my door.

In this silence

I long to hear the melody

of your voice in my ear,

the whisper of your hand

as it touches my cheek

I long for the light that

shines in your smiling eyes.

But there is silence.

In this silence,

a bleak twilight,

I wait by my window

tapping frost from the pane

onto the ground below

hoping to hear any sound

except the silence.

And it is silence

that greets my slumber

even my dreams are still now

as if they're waiting

for the clock to

tick away the minutes

until you reappear

for it is only

your return

that will quit

this silence

and meanwhile

as I wait

for its ending,

everyday I'll light

a candle in your name.