Dance lightly on your ledge
my wayward fledgling soldier
give your respect the to edge
this silver shining blade
lower it from an eastern sky
to your middle, slow and easy
you say you think you can fly
but not today
I canít catch you
my hands are bruised and tired.

Give close attention to
your chosen speed
till you find your cure
Iím not what you need
in this darkened grievous hour
standing in some
forgotten crumbling tower
or am I?

Melt back into the night now
everything inside is made of stone
rough and darkened hallways
at least I know Iím not alone
because our hearts are frozen,
far too cold for dreaming
mother night comes in
but still no time for sleeping
I canít allow it.

Iíve been ragged on my feet
though my mind is well equipped
even if my senses have been stripped
and they might not hear the laughing
madly across the noonday sun
once it was so simple
to remember how our shadow chasing
led us to this montage
subterfuge in your garage
but now Iím lost and muddled
huddled cold and lonely
You scare me disappearing
into the foggy hollow
past the quivering leaves
and those frightened twisted trees
embrace this now,
our maddening sorrow
no timeís left, and none to borrow
Tell me now
Do I travel alone?

"Icarus in Flight" ©Boris Vallejo