How is it that simple words

can mingle so

that my heart stops

and my stomach flutters

more rapidly than

the hummingbird?

Only those words

when spoken by you

create a life of their own,

and as if traveling

on eagles’ wings,

gain power through flight,

sacred breath from

your lips to my ear.

The radiant autumn,

with its scarlets and golds,

cannot match the brilliance

escaping from you…

Though there are still

shadows in my world

I see them less now,

and I wonder

if the day will come

when they will disappear,

pulling away, like waves

from a once stormy shore

giving way to smoothed sand

and fragments of shells,

glistening in dappled sunlight.

I imagine that in this light

your spirit has wings,

prepared to wisk you away

into the morning sun

leaving only the

mourning doves behind.

Yet unlike Icarus

you will not fall,

but succeed in rising

to the heavens

where surely you belong.

Meanwhile, in my waking,

I envision a thousand dream-scenes

centered around you…

Each one allowing a

new experience of being…

It is not only your spirit I desire

Nor only the flesh

But the trio of them and emotion…

Knowing that each

is a gift I desire,

together they produce a

a wonderment to

which I am drawn…

I am reluctant to give

my longing a voice

for fear you cannot hear it.

Still I sit here in my oneness,

closing my eyes against the day,

feeling the soft air travel

against my bare skin

wanting for you to sense

the same things I do,

the scent of the leaves,

the irregular chorus of crickets.

I wish it were you

kissing my face

instead of the sun,

your fingertips caressing my skin

in place of the October breeze.

Your words linger in my soul

Gently washing away

a residue of fear…

Fear of distance from your arms,

of overpowering your sensibilities,

or saying too much…

With you, I am blessed with

The freedom of laughter,

The tenderness of your soul, and

The warmth of your heart.

Intentions had no bearing

on the crossing of our paths…

The scenery on the road ahead

remains a common mystery.

If dreams are as possible

as I know they can be,

and wishes are only a star away,

I would risk losing

this enchantment

to believe in our reality.