I am the earth mother.

Solemn, silent

humble, and proud.

My spirit soars

with the strongest eagle;

My heart weeps

with the weakest child.

Aware of every

brilliant sun rising

every clouded moon setting

from the beginning

until the end of time.

Each rugged hill and

fertile valley is formed

through my touch.

I am a paradox.

The tickle of the softest feather,

and violent fury of a hurricane

My breezes blow gently

across your face

While thunder rolls

like Godís djembe

Splendid by nature,

Tired by right.

My seasons evolve

with each year passing

wisdom gray on

the temples of time.

I am the earth,

The earth mother am I.


Audio Version
(As it sounds in my head)

Many thanks to Donna Lang and Jessica Madow for the fab percussion!