I Am My Mother's Daughter

She is the one who confides deep in the night
all her dreams and wants are still unrealized
a lonely heart seeks to be filled deep inside
with a substance that remains blind to her eyes
I see at last I am my mother's daughter.

How could I know during those long peaceless hours
there was no one to sing; stroke her cheek, her hair
sitting, solemn and cold in father's old chair
praying for rescue in the shadows of dawn
cursing soft that she is her mother's daughter.

If only an answer could be found in time
to avoid the pain of our loss and dying
I would gladly give it to you, this essence
a quiet notion of a spirit's presence
to save another from her mother's daughter.

There weren't any rulebooks or printed handouts
No one standing to relieve her of the doubts;
a childhood waning while the learning of the
parent never ceased. she goes on the instincts
she was given and the hope of forgiveness
as her own brings life to a mother's daughter.

All the misunderstandings of years gone by
must be corrected or lost before the cold
day I know I will die and in the mourning
of doves and angels on high I will tell her
I am grateful I am my mother's daughter.