The Dalai Lama’s Living Room

I firmly believe
that the mysteries of life
can be uncovered
by lifting the rug
in the Dalai Lama’s living room
Move the ottoman and give it a tug
the great woven rug
in the Dalai Lama’s living room

Will there be dust
or little pieces of souls
stuck to the great underneath?
Will I find his remote,
the one he lost in 1992
or errant socks
one red, one blue?
What of the grand canyon
and the pyramids too?

Will I see why my eyes are brown
of why I’m exactly 5 ft 9?
can I see a glimpse of heaven
the source of the divine?

Could I see the future
or each day as it passes?
Will I find dharma?
Do I need special glasses?

Does he know all the secrets
the plan of every age?
Is he a holy man
or sorcerer or mage?

Does his dog find the best bones
by pawing at the carpet?
If he called the Enquirer
think of the money he could get.

Just by lifting up the edges
with the corner of a broom
go take a peek outside the
Dalai Lama’s living room...