The Curious Dance


The music begins.

Two people, virtual strangers,

step warily toward each other


The rhythm rises causing each

to take steps foreign to their feet.

The beat rises, gaining strength.

The resistance begins to fade…

Soon the distance between them

becomes smaller, less important.

The introduction ends, songs drift

from one into the next, unnoticed.

Leaning toward her, hand outstretched,

He invites her to be one

with his body and spirit.

Trembling soft, she accepts.

His hand closes over hers.


The chasm closed, he enfolds her

in a clinging, sweet embrace…

Strong enough to steady her weakness

Gentle enough to quell her fears…

She wonders what he is thinking

as they turn across the floor…

Once single steps now intertwine

waiting for a whisper or a sign…

movement separates interfering

as the room is slowly clearing

But then her body he greets warmly

Rhythm falters for a kiss.

The hour late, stars are falling

Chairs returned to the farthest wall.

A song of spirit melts the silence

Their feet caress the wooden floor

Only two hear hearts embracing

Over the glorious angels’ roar.