Fear Not, Bob Vila


When preparing to remodel,

be it kitchen, bath or shower,

never try to estimate

the lateness of the hour

of which you will be laboring

with hammer, wrench and saw

for there are always hidden traps

and numerous faux pas.


I replaced the window sill and sash

that had been so badly damaged

scared to see the underneath

which was equivalently ravaged

I sighed and set to fix the wall

held in place by string and gum

Dry wall, nails, I had it all…

At least I didn’t hit my thumb!


By the time that I was finishing

with paint brush in my hand

the fatigue and fumes that hung aloft

were more than I could stand

I tossed the brush and left the room

with window open, door shut tight

I fell into my waiting bed

and bade myself goodnight.



Audio Version
(As it sounds in my head)