Unlike a proud phoenix, you stay buried in ash

Thinking you’re lost, but resent being found

Once free to float from mountain to treetop

One clipped wing keeps you close to the ground.


Stalking the fields for bits of used fabric

Build your nest in a bent, dying tree

Food falls to you from passing travelers

Your hunt is contained to grounded seeds


"Repair the wing!" cry your feathered companions

A raucous caw gives the answer they know

Black eyes turned upward to see the sunlight

Trees cast shadows onto your heart below


This earth is familiar, the fields where you roam

Clouded blue skies are a dream out of reach

Focusing on your wounded black feathers,

You’ve forgotten to soar, forgotten to seek


As sadness surrounds you in a quiet, dark cloak

Those who would save you soon turn away

Nothing can fix what you want to stay broken

Are you saving your song for some other day?