That Crazy Anti-Smoking Beatnik Thing

Village bar
be a star
Bring your bongo
bring your hat
being a beat
is where it's at

Things have changed
all rearranged
No longer free
to be
the you
the me
they were

Smoking was hot
casual, cool
filtered or not
inhale it deep
it hit the spot
attention your way
won't you play
with the rest
hep cat?

Now the government
is in the sack
and the cough and the hack
your clothes straight from the rack
too poor to pay
for your cigarette today?

Will it make you less
what a mess
cramp your style
your finesse
can you guess
what they say
about you now
you're away
from the crowd?

Breathe the air
sister fair
smoky clothes
smoky hair
hang with me
don't you dare
light it up

If you quit
lose the fit
that kept you sick
burned the wick
of your life
a little faster

Look around
up and down
on the street
on the town
in your home
lost and found
no one missed it

Give it up
let it go
no one likes
the smoke you blow
in their faces, in their eyes
won't you please
Chew some gum!

So hear me bloke
don't you smoke
lest you gasp
lest you choke
while the taxes
make you broke
for the habit
that you toke
Is it worth it?

Audio Version
(As it sounds in my head)