Ballad of the Purple Tiger

(For Rob)

Wilderness becomes you.
Pass the glaring street lights,
evade their circular glow
when you prowl at night
in the depths of the shadows
You search for your prey
as you pray a secret prayer
the one you whisper in
this nocturnal wake

Let me heal the wounds
you bear so graciously
dissolve the pain that
tears your regal skin
Tiny bits of stuffing trail
waiting for someone to
pick them up and
stitch you back together
the way you were
when the wrapping was new

I would be only one
to reach into the cage
while you lie sleeping
you can smell my hand
and the lack of fear
Let me feed you the food
of peaceful surrender
silent reverence is yours
you'll find the feast sweet

I'll walk with you in the night
until your prayers are answered
until the restlessness goes
by the way of morning
and you can stay with me
till night disappears and
the warmth of day finds you.