Perry Winkler, Watercolorist


Born in the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania, Perry Winkler to his first brush to canvas before he was eight years old. His talents and inspiration were fostered into young adulthood, culminating in the 1976 Outstanding Student Artist Award in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. After attending a regional art school, he graduated with an emphasis in graphic arts. Combining this study with his subsequent professional experience in advertising, he greatly refined his abilities for composition and color, which now mark the genius of his craft.


For the past decade, Perry Winkler has worked as a professional artist, producing one-man shows and winning a myriad of awards. During this era, he has also cultivated an impressive style that is not common to watercolor painting. His style has been touted as being more assertive, utilizing boldly colored subjects against lighter backgrounds, rather than the loosely composed, passively colored traditional style. In addition, Winkler displays a remarkable talent for blending a delicate degree of spontaneity with an arduous concern for detail. This technique produces images that are both lively and authentic.


Active in the artistic community, Perry is a former member of the Asheville Gallery of Art Board of Directors (Asheville, North Carolina). He was also a Fine Art Consultant for the Standards Committee of High Country Crafters. Since returning to Pennsylvania, he has exhibited with a number of local arts councils and galleries. Currently, he teaches private lessons to youth and adults, allowing his diverse clientele to gain from his extensive knowledge and artistic experience. These are only brief examples of his passion for art.


Not only has Winkler's work found homes in select private collections throughout the United States but he has also been commissioned by many regional companies to produce specific works for display in their businesses. Most notable are a series of significant murals that grace the walls of a local authentic Italian restaurant chain. Larger corporations have also taken notice of Perry's work. Several of his paintings have been purchased and reproduced for promotional projects. Some examples include candy boxes for the Nereus Chocolates Corporation and decorative products for Three Mountaineers of Asheville, North Carolina.


Perry Winkler's accomplishments have been abundant through the years. The most recent are included below.


In September 1997, Winkler released his ninth limited edition print entitled, "The Bugler", the study of a bull elk native to the area of his home. He also received the 1997 Susquehanna River Arts Council Cultural Award.


In 1998, Winkler had two paintings included in the County National Bank's annual promotional calendar, capturing the award winning cover with "Bluebirds". He was the first artist to receive this honor. Perry's study of "The Bugler" was chosen as Best of Show for the same competition.


In 1999, Perry had two pieces accepted for the County National Bank's annual promotional calendar and was awarded Best Representation of Theme with "Entrepreneurs". He also captured the month of February with "Aquarius".


In 2000, Perry took the Laurel Arts Competition Best of Show with "Monica at the Van Guard Café". He was also award first place with "Porch Song Trilogy". SRAC awarded him third place with "Registration", a portrait.


When asked to what he attributes his success, the answer is simple. Perseverance. Add to that the commitment to quality and never compromising the original vision. After that, the rest will follow.