TV Trivia


1.      On Cheers, what was the occupation of Frasier’s first wife?

a.       Tap Dancer

b.      Clown

c.       Librarian

d.      Stripper


2.      On The Simpsons, how many kids do Apu and his wife have?

a.       4

b.      11

c.       8

d.      7


3.      Hawkeye Pierce, the maverick martini-swilling doctor on M*A*S*H, came from what New England town?

a.       Newburgh

b.      Boston

c.       Crabapple Cove

d.      Providence


4.      What was the name of the invention Kramer and Mr. Costanza created on Seinfeld?

    1. Manssierre
    2. Bro-Bra
    3. Gut Tucker
    4. Sock Sticker


5.      What popular TV show was NOT a spin off of All in the Family?

a.       Good Times

b.      Maude

c.       The Jeffersons

d.      Archie Bunker’s Place


  1. Who played Helen Hunt’s mother on Mad About You?
    1. Carol Burnett

b.      Sigourney Weaver

c.       Bea Arthur

d.      Anne Meara


 7. Who played the title role in the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

a. Renee Zeilweger

b. Kristy Swanson

c. Jennifer Love Hewitt

d. Patricia Arquette


8. What was the name of the Pinky Tuscadaro’s singing kid sister on Happy Days?

a.       Lacey

b.      Candy

c.       Leather

d.      Barbie


  1. What was the last name of the nosy neighbors on Bewitched?
    1. Henderson
    2. Cravats
    3. Zewinski
    4. Stevens


  1. What was the real name of Lumpy Rutherford on Leave it to Beaver?
    1. Marvin
    2. Herbert
    3. Clarence
    4. Floyd


  1. What 80s sitcom starred Sarah Jessica Parker as a geeky high school teen?
    1. My Two Dads
    2. Square Pegs
    3. St. Elsewhere
    4. Who’s the Boss?


  1. What TV series was a hit for the cross-dressing football player on The World According to Garp?
    1. Home Improvement
    2. 3rd Rock from the Sun
    3. Cheers
    4. Mr. Belevedere


  1. In what town did Roseanne and family live?
    1. Springfield
    2. Lanford
    3. Millvale
    4. Penfield


  1. Who is the surly guy who works behind the counter at Friends’ Central Perk?
    1. Manny
    2. Rupert
    3. Vinnie
    4. Gunther


  1. George Clooney had a recurring role as a handyman on what 80s sitcom?
    1. Different Strokes
    2. The Facts of Life
    3. Who’s the Boss
    4. The Jeffersons


  1. What holiday did the Costanzas celebrate rather than Christmas?
    1. Hanukkah
    2. Kwanza
    3. Festivus
    4. Marcus Aurelius Day


  1. What was the name of the oldest child on Happy Days?
    1. Richie
    2. Mike
    3. Chuck
    4. Arthur


  1. What was the first name of Laverne’s and Shirley’s guy pal Squiggy?
    1. Carmine
    2. Andrew
    3. Lenny
    4. Frank


  1. What Fox sitcom featured a wisecracking baby Stewie?
    1. My So Called Life
    2. King of the Hill
    3. The Family Guy
    4. Out of this World


  1. Before becoming Frasier’s Dr. Niles Crane, David Hyde Pierce played a suicidal congressman on what sitcom?
    1. Capitol Hill
    2. The Powers That Be
    3. Washington Crossfire
    4. Roundtable