From Slouchy to Sleek

Keeping cool while keeping warm…


I have to say it. Throw away those baggy old pants and dumpy sweaters! Sassy sleek is back with a vengeance. Think forties cool…skinny suits and shapely skirts that make eyes pop. The silhouette is the thing…the smoother the lines, the better. So let’s get started.


To get you into my frame of mind, think of speak easies and smoky jazz and blues clubs with slow, sensual music and that slightly mussed but classic look on everyone in the room. Look at Billie Holliday…Lady Day herself. Who was cooler and more stylish? For the guys, jump to the sixties and think Rat Pack. Again, sleek, skinny suits that screamed “CLASS” from a mile away. Not to mention that everybody stopped to stare when one of them walked by.


If you’re saying to yourself that this type of style isn’t practical, think again. The update on this type of dress is really easy, once you find the right piece or two.


Guys: You need to stop thinking about how to keep your pants on your butt and start thinking about how your butt looks to everyone who has to stand in line behind you.


Start with a good suit. Splurge a little and find something that fits you well. Go to a store that specializes in suits and ask for help. One suit can go a long way.


If you think that wearing a suit is too much, then think about this. For times when a traditional, classic suit isn’t the right thing, try this:




Gals: Sex sells, right? Well, take a look at Britney (or any other flashy trashy celeb) to know what doesn’t sell, unless you’re onstage. Even then, what does a guy have to work for if you’re showing everything on the buffet? Go for sexy, not slutty…classy, not cheap.


Unlike the guys, finding chic outfits is a bit easier and cheaper if you know where to look. Check out the local Goodwill or other thrift shop, or any vintage clothing store. Raid your aunt or grandmother’s closet and see what treasures lay buried in mothballs.


What to look for:




Dressing in classic clothes is always a win win situation. They never get outdated, so spend a little extra and buy something that will last for the next ten years or more. Make sure the piece can go with at least 3 things in your closet and can be accessorized with a hat, belt, trend of the moment piece. Also, in creating your own style with a mix of classics, you’ll leave everyone wondering what they’re missing out on. Trust me, you’ll turn some heads.