Movies for Men


1.    What femme fatale starred in both Goodfellas and The Sopranos?

a.    Edie Falco

b.    Laura San Giancomo

c.     Lorraine Bracco

d.    Liza Minnelli


2.     Who played the villain in the movie Speed?

a.      Keanu Reeves

b.      Dennis Hopper

c.      Al Pacino

d.      Leonardo DiCaprio


3.    Ernie Hudson, Warden on HBO’s OZ, was first recognized for his role in what comedy?

a.      Fast Times at Ridgemont High

b.      Driving Miss Daisy

c.     Ghostbusters

d.    Weekend at Bernies II


4.      In MIB II, Tommy Lee Jones’ character was rescued from what mundane job?

a.      School Teacher

b.      Factory Worker

c.      Tax Collector

d.      Postal Worker


5.      Harrison Ford’s character in Patriot games, Jack Ryan, is fighting against what enemy?

a.      The KGB

b.      Martha Stewart

c.      The CIA

d.      The IRA


6.      Who was the famous baseball icon that dominated Field of Dreams?

a.      Mickey Mantle

b.      Babe Ruth

c.      Shoeless Joe

d.      Stan Musial


7.      Joey Lauren Adams who plays lawyer Layla in Big Daddy, starred in what other quirky comedy?

a.      But I’m a Cheerleader

b.      Chasing Amy

c.      Caddyshack

d.      Saving Silverman


8.      In the army spoof Stripes, what is Psycho’s real name?

a.      Edgar

b.      Pervis

c.      William

d.      Francis


9.      Who played Charlie in the Charlie’s Angels remake?

a.      Patrick Stewart

b.      James Earl Jones

c.      John Forsyth

d.      Barry Bostwick


10. Who played the booze swilling cook/preacher in Deep Blue Sea?

a.      Samuel L. Jackson

b.      Ice T

c.      Cuba Gooding, Jr.

d.      LL Cool J