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NexPub Redeems POTN


Florida based NexPub, Inc., formerly known as PrintOnTheNet (POTN), is currently reinventing itself after legal issues plagued the fledgling company earlier this year. Due to undisclosed corporate liabilities, an $8 million guarantee of third party obligations caused POTN’s founders, Ben and Sam Rogatinsky to resign their executive positions. The brothers, who stayed on at POTN in non-executive positions, have since sold or pledged as loan collateral the balance of their corporate stock.


In an effort to salvage the original vision, Neal Polan was approached The by Company's investment banker to become involved. Mr. Polan, who does not have a printing background, was approached due to his abilities to create and implement new business strategies. Intrigued by the potential of POTN, the "gunslinger" agreed to come on board as CEO in June 2000. Not only did Polan accept the position, but also invested a significant amount of private funds in the dot-com.


According to Mr. Polan, one of the first points of order was to obtain a solid management team. “We put together a real Board of Directors with a lot to contribute”. And contribute they did. The directors, many of whom were CEOs themselves, have invested their expertise as well as sums up to $1 million.


CorporatePrintCenter 2.0 Released


CorporatePrintCenter 2.0, a proprietary suite of Internet-delivered, corporate-focused services and technologies, was released on December 14. The software is the newest online component of NexPub's total "screen-to-print'' solution by which the company produces and delivers printing to its corporate clients.


Using a customized web interface, clients can build their own templates, digital libraries, and utilize Robust Custom Publishing Tools to upload PowerPoint, Word, Excel or other documents for easy viewing and publishing. WYSIWYG update tools allow formatting and reordering of existing documents.


From the administrative end, each client can access the secure system through their corporate ID to control inventory, monitor usage, receive competitive pricing, and control intellectual property.


"We believe the next generation of online printing solutions are better suited to handle the depth of design and functionality needed to support the growing demands of sophisticated corporate clients. The launch of CorporatePrintCenter 2.0 is a major step in NexPub's evolution and the evolution of the industry as well,'' said Neal Polan. "With CorporatePrintCenter 2.0 we are now able to go to market with a complete solution that incorporates intuitive publishing and advanced administrative features with an out-sourced management and network of production facilities that delivers superior quality printing and publishing.''



The Heart of NexPub


NexPub's integrated print management and production capabilities provide

the ideal solution for businesses that want to turn a cost center into a

profit center. The Company has been working with a broad range of clients to develop its

initial CorporatePrintCenters, and expects to be able to announce new

clients in the near future. The Company has initially focused on a

series of vertical industries, working with management to provide direct

access to printing solutions developed specifically for each industry.

To date, these industries include:



Utilizing these industry specific CPCs, administrators are able to

identify and catalog current logos, trademarks and other digital

material. With the ability to operate from any remote site,

administrators can manage accounts and multiple locations. Pre-formatted

corporate templates allow the home office to maintain continuity while

still allowing the user to create, in part, a unique document.


Why NexPub?


Stated in an interview with Business Wire, Polan states, "As digital

printing technology evolves, the need for businesses to effectively

manage their identity assets and communications becomes increasingly

paramount," continued Polan. "A completely new generation of tools will

be required to help businesses effectively utilize these new

technologies to optimize the control and impact of their identity and

communication in this new world. We believe that NexPub has developed

the technology to provide its clients with the tools to meet this

growing need."


With their focus on further developing document publishing, NexPub will

save clients time and money. Plans include the release of a

collaborative editing tool in the first quarter 2001. This tool will

effectively allow clients in remote locations to edit and view documents

before publishing onsite. Variable and customized data marketing tools

are also in the works.


Pending the name change on December 19th, the Company will immediately

begin marketing itself as NexPub, and expects to complete the transition

by the first quarter of 2001. As part of its new identity program,

management will also be changing the ticker symbol for the Company.

States Polan, "NexPub is our face to the world and that's what we will

be promoting."



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