Hollywood Glamour Moves to New York


Ms. Celeste Holm, celebrated actress of stage and screen, will be celebrating her 89th birthday on April 29, 2006. In keeping with the glamour and classic style of Hollywood in the thirties and forties, Ms. Holm is planning a birthday celebration at her home in New York City. Replacing her former California residence as the site of the party, the elegant apartment overlooking Central Park will host the private gala in honor of Ms. Holm. The Golden Globe and Academy Award winning actress is well known for many stage and screen performances, including Gentlemenís Agreement and All About Eve, costarring with Bette Davis. Ms. Holm is also widely recognized for her great contributions to humanitarian and arts organizations.


Famed cabaret pianist and singer Billy Stritch is slated to return to his stead at the piano, to entertain an elite group of celebrities and friends. Reportedly, the guest list contains over 100 names, including such luminaries as Patricia Neal, Kitty Carlisle Hart, old friend Shirley Jones, Ted Danson, Rex Reed, Robert Osborne, and Tom Sawyer co-star Johnny Whittaker.


Also on hand will be Ms. Holmís husband, Frank Basile, noted opera singer and music mogul. Undoubtedly, Mr. Basile will present his wife with a song or two with Billy Stritch as accompanist.