July 3, 2007


Git-R-Done – The Beer

by Pamela Mortimer


Independent micro-brewery launches “Git-R-Done Beer”, the newest trend in the redneck empire.



Larry the Cable Guy was the inspiration for the weekend launch of Git-R-Done Beer, the newest brew on the market. The launch, hosted by the SchillingBridge Winery and Micro-brewery, took place at the Laughter and Libations Festival, located in Pawnee City, Nebraska. The Festival was the first public tasting of the beer inspired by Larry’s well-known catch phrase.


The birth of Git-R-Done Beer resulted from Larry the Cable Guy’s impromptu visit to the SchillingBridge Winery and Micro-brewery. It sounds a bit surreal, but it wasn’t unusual for one of America’s top comedians to stroll into the brewery to discuss Mike and Sharon Schillings’ proposal of creating a new beer in his honor. After all, Pawnee City is a small town and the place where the 44-year old comedian grew up.


There hasn’t been a beer named for a celebrity since the 1970’s, when “Billy Beer”, a brew named for the brother of former President Jimmy Carter, was introduced. Hopefully, “Git-R-Done” will be around a little longer than the previous attempt – a marketing campaign that went over like a lead balloon. The Schillings have no doubts that Git-R-Done will be around for a long time.


The Schillings have good reasons for their confidence. Ever since the premier of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, which included notable comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy, rednecks are the hottest trend on the comedy circuit. As an individual, Larry the Cable Guy, whose real name is Dan Whitney, has a huge fan base. His performances routinely fill 20,000 seat arenas and he reportedly pulls in $250,000 to $300,000 a night. He’s also sold more than a million CDs and is currently appearing in a feature film titled “Delta Farce”.

The second reason the Schillings believe their product will succeed is that the brew is made with high-quality ingredients and will appeal to fans of light, crisp beer.


Mike Schilling and Zac Triemert, head brewer for Upstream Brewing Company in Omaha, joined forces to develop the beer as a light American lager. Although critics might say that Git-R-Done is similar to most other most mass-market beers, Triemert disagrees, stating that Git-R-Done has a “little more flavor and body” than beer produced by larger breweries.

“We wanted something that’s very flavorful and very easy to drink,” Triemert said. “I think this brand has legs because people will be interested in trying it, and once they do, they’ll go back to it.”


The packaging of Git-R-Done is also unique. The logo on the front of the can features a picture of Larry the Cable Guy, the Pawnee City highway sign (pop. 1008), images of the city’s historic downtown. It was created by Jody West, Whitney’s sister-in-law.


Although this venture might sound a little high brow for fans of a guy known for bawdy bathroom humor and a backwoods persona, Mike Schilling doesn’t see a problem.

“Rednecks love quality too,” he said.

SchillingBridge plans to offer the beer in kegs and eventually, in cans and/or bottles. But until that happens, those who want to try the new beer will have to make a trip to Pawnee City.