Anonymous Ale


Want to bring something different to poker night? Anonymous Ale is a great way to do it. With 5-6 people, 2 beers apiece will work.




  1. Each person brings Anonymous Ale (Lager, Stout, etc.) to the party.
  2. Cover entire bottle to hide its identity.
  3. Number each bottle.
  4. Everyone draws their number(s) then takes the corresponding beer.
  5. Drink up!


It doesn’t sound all that exciting, right? Ah, but the fun is in the choosing. Include at least one premium beer and one that makes bleach taste like ambrosia. I remember someone sampling his drink then yelling, Sweet Mary, Mother of God! (Apparently, it wasn’t too tasty.) And just like spoiled milk, everyone had to try it to make sure it really was that bad.


For an interesting mix, make your purchases at microbreweries and other lesser-known establishments. Who knows? You may discover the next best thing.


- Femme Fatale


P.S. Only morons and losers drive drunk.